Resident Directory

Woodlands is a self-catering retreat; therefore our cottages are not serviced daily. All Cottages are fully self-contained. Requesting extra linen will incur additional charges. Occupancy of 8 nights and longer will receive a Freshen up service on day 4 of your stay. A Freshen up service will entail the replacement of towelling and bed linen, kitchen benches and bathroom service and floors spot vacuumed and rubbish removed. If you prefer not to be disturbed, we can drop off and pick up used towelling and bed linen.

We please ask that all Cottages are left in a tidy condition at the completion of your stay. This includes ensuring that the dishes are done and all rubbish is disposed of. Rubbish bins are located outside each cabin including recycle bins for glass and cardboard. An additional cleaning fee may apply if the cottage is left in an unreasonable condition requiring additional staff/hours.

All of our Cottages are provided with a start-up supply of amenities such as kitchen and bath supplies. Please note that these items are not replenished daily. Please advise reception if you would like your minibar restocked or if you would like to purchase any additional products available at reception. Please see our product and price list in the minibar.

Shopping is available in both Healesville about 20 minutes’ drive and Marysville about 15 minutes’ drive.

Please keep in mind that all cutlery, crockery or in cabin supplies that are removed from the cabin during occupancy be returned before departure.

Air Conditioning
All of our Cottages have reverse cycle air conditioning as the primary cooling and heating method. Please ensure that all doors and windows are shut before operating. Failure to do so may result in the malfunction of the air conditioning unit due to over work resulting in the freezing up of the unit.


The BBQ is fitted with an ignition system which operates on all burners. Push the knob in and rotate a quarter turn to the anticlockwise. It may take several attempts before the gas lights. Once alight, adjust the flame accordingly.

Please close the balcony doors when using the BBQ outside and be mindful that you are in a heavy vegetated area and that sparks can start fires in seconds. Woodlands is within Victorian Bushfire Management Overlay. Do not discard anything smouldering such as burnt food into the bush. Causing a bushfire is a serious offence and will be handled directly by the CFA and police.

Dowse any burnt food with water and dispose in the waste bins provided in your carport.


Car Parking

The BBQ is fitted with an ignition system which operates on all burners. Push the knob in and rotate a quarter turn to the anticlockwise. It may take several attempts Bbefore the gas lights. Once alight, adjust the flame accordingly.

Please close the balcony doors when using the BBQ outside and be mindful that you are in a heavy vegetated area and that sparks can start fires in seconds. Woodlands is within Victorian Bushfire Management Overlay. Do not discard anything smouldering such as burnt food into the bush. Causing a bushfire is a serious offence and will be handled directly by the CFA and police.

Dowse any burnt food with water and dispose in the waste bins provided in your carport. 


Your cottage is fitted with an induction cooktop with safety features. Please ensure the unit is on at the wall and unlocked  on the cooktop (the unit is locked if display is LO). Please be careful not to leave any cooking unattended.

 Please be mindful not to place any hot pots and pans on the kitchen counter that may result in damage to the natural wood, requiring repair or replacement. 

We ask that you do not prepare strong flavoured foods such as curries as the cabins will absorb the aromas. Please use the outdoor gas burner on the BBQ for any oil frying and stronger foods such as curries and fish. The next guests may not appreciate your food as much as you do Please always use the extractor fan when cooking indoors. 


You will have a selection of four DVD’s in your cabin. Should you wish to change them for others, please visit reception during operating hours where you will find a selection of movies. Please replace.

 All cabins are equipped with smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. It is an offense to tamper with any Fire safety equipment and will result in legal action. All cabins are Non Smoking. Smoking in a cabin, on a balcony with the doors open or around the common area passage way detectors will set the alarm off; a fee will be charged by the Fire Department for all False Alarms. Please be aware you may be charged this amount if you are the cause of a false alarm.

Environmental Consciousness

 We are fortunate at Woodlands to spend some time in an environment that is largely unpolluted by human activity and the waste residues of towns and cities.

 We would like to keep it that way and ask you to help us in our quest for a sustainable environment by;

  • Air drying towels and re-using
  • Using only enough light, power and firewood to maintain comfort.
  • Driving slowly on and near the property to avoid injuring wildlife and damage to your vehicle. 

We appreciate your patronage and are confident you want us to continue striving to make Woodlands a property that you want to keep coming back to.


 Your open fire is set, ready to light.  Matches and firelighters are provided. Firewood, including firelighters etc are replenished each afternoon of your stay.

 Lighting Your Fire

The fire is set ready for you to light, simply put the match to the loose fibres of the firebrick (brown fibre cube) and allow to burn before adding more logs.

To restart your fire

Your cottage will be replenished daily approx. 4pm for a cosy evening fire. Take the firebrick (brown fibre cube) and place on top of coals (do not remove ash), loose fibres to the front. Place small logs at angles above firebrick like a Tipi” and light with match at the loose fibres, allow to catch well before adding more logs.

 Should you wish to have additional firewood, please contact reception during operation hours and this can be delivered to your cabin (max 3/day total). Cost for additional firewood is in your minibar menu.



Our chimneys are fitted with dampeners that closes the opening completely.

 During winter months the dampener will be set to the open position. The indication for this is the right hand chain will be released from its wall anchor. Please do not close the dampener at any time whilst there is a fire.

There are strictly no fires outside of winter months and the dampener will be set to the closed position and the chimney sealed to prevent ingress of insects. The chain will be locked into its wall anchor. Please do not attempt to open the dampener.

Never leave the fire unattended. If you are planning on going out in the day, light the fire upon your return if you are staying in. Use the fire guard if the fire is lit and you plan on going to bed, stay on the balcony or use the spa. 

Be mindful that you are in a heavily vegetated area and that sparks can start fires in seconds. Woodlands is within Victorian Bushfire Management Overlay. Do not discard anything smouldering such as ash or half burnt wood into the bush. Causing a bushfire is a serious offence and will be handled directly by the CFA and police. 

NOTE: Please refrain from relighting you fire on the day of your departure as the cottage will need to be cleaned and reset for incoming guests on the day. Delays with housekeeping to extinguish and dispose of live embers may be chargeable to the departing guest to cover additional housekeeping time.

Hair Dryers

You will find a hair dryer under your bath cabin vanity unit. Please be careful around wet areas.

Iron & Board

There is an iron and ironing board inside the wardrobe. Please remember to turn the iron off when not in use.


Should you require additional ice, you can find our ice machine at the rear of the Fitness Centre. Please help yourself and keep in mind hygiene practices of not touching the ice with your hands. Please use the scoop provided.


Your key is allocated to your cabin only. The key tags are commissioned and hand crafted by a local artisan; Dark Light Laser for Woodlands. Please ensure you surrender your key at reception upon checkout and settle any mini bar consumptions. Failure to do so will result in replacement cost plus admin fees.


Woodlands endeavours to ensure that all of our Cottages are fully maintained; in the event of a maintenance issue in your cottage please let reception know. A member of our maintenance personnel will be sent to address the concern as soon as possible. If a serious maintenance issue arises after hours please contact the number given on your welcome card. Depending on the issue either a call will be made to the Resident Manager or logged for Maintenance to attend first thing the following day.

Mending Kits

Available from reception.

Mini Bar

You have been provided with a mini / snack bar. Please use the mini bar form and hand in to reception upon check-out. If you require your mini / snack bar replenished during your stay, please ask reception.

You can purchase many of the items in our gift shop in reception. 

Mountain Bikes

Each cottage is equipped with two mountain bikes for your enjoyment. There are two adjustable adult riding helmets in the wardrobe. We ask you be careful and respect all road rules.

The cycling equipment is to be used for the purpose it is intended and must be operated accordingly, and at your own risk. You are ultimately responsible for your own safety and respect of the law. Sensess Resorts will not be held responsible for any injury caused through misuse of equipment due to negligence. Report any defects to reception immediately.


Microwave Convection Oven & Grill

To operate the oven in convection mode;

  1. Press [PREHEAT]
  2. Select temperature
  3. Press [START]
  4. When oven beeps to indicate temperature has been reached, place food in oven following recipe directions.
  5. Select time
  6. When oven beeps again, your food is ready!

Potable Water

Woodlands uses spring water from the Hermitage Creak. We do not alter the water chemically to retain its spring water elements which many come here to enjoy. 

The water is treated through several filter stages down to 5 micron and then through a Ultraviolet large double sterilization units located at each cottage. Please ensure the blue light is on at the UV switch located near your kitchen sink. The UV system treats the entire cottage internal faucets and shower. 

Although the water is soft, sweet and safe, there remains some residual tannin which is may at times be visible in the large spa. The water is also high in minerals so do not be concerned if you observe dark residue around the spa as the bubbles and agitation tends to demulsify the minerals from the water.

Rubbish Removal

You will find the outside rubbish bin for general waste and a recycle bin for all recyclable items. Please ensure that the bin is properly clipped closed to avoid wildlife from getting into the rubbish.


Each cottage is equipped with a digital safe.

The safe is pre-programmed to ‘0000’;

  1. Open the safe and press the reset button ‘9’ as in the diagram. You will hear a beep.
  2. Enter a 3-8 digit user code
  3. Confirm code by pressing the ‘#’ key. Confirm light will turn on confirming that the user code has been changed.

    Using the safe;

    1. Enter your 3-8 digit code.
    2. Confirm by pressing the ‘#’ key. Confirm light will turn on.
    3. Turn the door handle and open the safe.


Woodlands Rainforest Retreat is by invitation to registered guests only.

Although Narbethong, and in particular, Woodlands is not a high risk area we recommend you lock your cabin when not in.

Woodlands has 24/7 security systems and CCTV throughout the grounds. For your privacy, your cabins are not monitored. 

At no time should any non-registered guests be invited to you cabin. Allowing anyone apart from the two persons registered to your cabin will be considered a security breach and you may be asked to leave without refund. If you need to visit with someone you may do so at Reception, our central area. 

If you need to visit with someone, we have a reception lounge or you can go to a local establishment such as The Black Spur Inn.



Woodlands is a non-smoking property. If you need to smoke, there is a wind proof ashtray in each cottage carport. Please close the doors when smoking outside and be mindful that you are in a heavily vegetated area and that sparks can start fires in seconds. Woodlands is within Victorian Bushfire Management Overlay. Do not flick ash or discard cigarette butts in the bush. Causing a bushfire is a serious offence and will be handled directly by the CFA and police. Use the ashtray provided.

Smoking is prohibited inside your cabin. A vacancy and cleaning charge will apply if the cabin is found with cigarette smoke residue after departure.


Spa Instructions

Your Rainforest Cottage is fitted with a therapeutic quality double spa bath. It is designed for two people to sit side-by-side with their backs facing the large massaging jet at the end of the bath. This jet is operated with a very large @cone-of-effect  and will provide two sets of shoulders and backs worth of superb aquatic massage.

We use a premium spa disinfectant after every letting to ensure absolute hygiene for our guests. You may also notice the spa water has a slight yellow tint. Do not be concerned, there is some residual tannin in our fresh spring water. We filter our water twice down to  five micron, but do not add any chemicals. As in most springs, the water is highly mineralised and when using bubble bath, the minerals can be drawn out leaving a dark scum on the bubble and bath. Again this is nothing to be concerned about.

 The 4 chrome (or white) buttons on the outside of the bath operate from the right, or plug end;

  1. Massage jet air mixer
  2. Massage water jets (air switch)
  3. Air blower (air switch)
  4. Massage jet air mixer

1 & 4      The massage jet air mixers are rotated to regulate the amount of air in    the massage jet lines. The more air, the firmer the massage action.

The massaging jets are turned on and off by pushing this air switch. Make sure that the water level is at least 50mm (2 inches) above the largest jet before turning on. The large white dial on the opposite side of the spa bath is used to balance the pressure between the 4 jets. The jets should be switched on for the entire duration of your spa as the water heater operates within the massage jet pipes.

The air blower, which provides a needle point type massage, is operated by this air switch. The blower has 3 speeds – it goes straight to its highest speed when the switch is first pushed. Pushing it a second time drops the speed to intermediate and a third push drops it to a low speed. One more push to turn it off. 

WARNING! The air blower automatically turns itself on for about 10 seconds approximately 20 minutes after being turned off. This is to blow any residual water from the air lines. This will also occur after a power cut. 

NOTE: Air buttons may at times need to be pushed all the way in.

Spa Products by Sensess®

Sensess products used at Woodlands are Malaysian inspired from its owners, blended and recreated in Melbourne with high quality bases. Tantalize your Sensess with our signature scents made from elements of Sweet Orange, Lemon, Rosemary and Basil with a hint of wild grasses.

Should you like to purchase this product to take home, please ask at reception.


All cabins are equipped with Digital flat screen TV’s offering Freeview Channels. The watch TV button will turn all components on/off. Ensure the DVD player is off to watch TV.


If you have forgotten your toiletries, we can provide you with kits from reception. Consists of razor, shaving cream, toothpaste and brush, and comb. Other emergency items available on request.

Toilet and Drainage System

All domestic effluent, including sewerage is directed to two highly efficient treatment plants on the property. After treatment, the cleaned water is returned to the soil where it is completely reabsorbed.

Please treat the system with care – ORGANIC WASTE ONLY. – No foreign objects, chemicals or oils (condoms, tampons, cigarette butts, chlorine (bleach), bath oils etc) to be disposed of down the toilet or sinks.

Check in/out
Standard check-in is from 16:00hrs (4pm) unless pre-arranged. For future reference, early check-in can be pre-arranged subject to availability only. A per hour charge will be applied for early check-ins. Remote check-ins can be arranged the day prior to arrival for late arrivals after 5pm.

Standard check-out time is 12:00hrs (midday) except for Luxury Packages and above, or unless pre-arranged otherwise. Please ensure you stop at reception to surrender your key unless remote check-out arrangements have been made.

Remote check-in and out can be arranged before the day of your arrival. All remote check-in and out must be followed up with a text to reception at the time of arrival and departure. Failure to notify reception on your check-out may result in a late check-out charge to cover additional housekeeping staff. Your cabin key can be left in the cabin with the door locked behind you.

Early check-ins and late check-outs can be arranged subject to availability only. A per hour charge will apply for either to cover housekeeping costs to guarantee with the earliest or latest check-in or out to at 2pm. Anything beyond these times will equal and additional day.

Baggage store
Please see reception if you would like your bags to be stored for a short period of time. Woodlands does have limited storage facilities, leaving bags is at the owners risk. Woodlands will not take responsibility for loss or damages.

Credit Cards
We accept the following credit and debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Visa debit and American Express.

Lost Property
All held by the Housekeeping department, please contact reception for information on any items you may have lost.

If you find you may have left something behind, we can post your item to you via Australia Post COD.

All items maybe held for up to one month prior to donating to charity.

Australia Post is located at;
• Marysville – 22 Murchison St, Marysville (03) 5963 3366
• Healesville – 195 Maroondah Hwy, Healesville (03) 5962 4900

If you need to use Woodlands mail run, please ask at reception if we have any outgoing post.

Reception Opening and Closing times
Attended 09:00hrs (9am) through until 17:00hrs (5pm) Monday – Friday and periodically attended Saturday, Sundays and Public Holidays
(After hours procedures apply outside the above)

If the door is open and nobody around, please use the guest phone to contact us.

After hours calls from our main number 03 5963 7150 are directed through to night service number 0419 289 520. Employees are trained to answer most questions relating to Sensess Resorts, any urgent calls will be directed to the onsite Manager.

If you do experience difficulty getting back into your cottage, please see reception and they will have the situation rectified as soon as possible. Please note loss of cabin keys may incur a replacement charge plus administration fee.

After Hours Callouts

For urgent matters the onsite Manager can be contacted outside of normal office hours. Please Dial 0419 289 520 for the night call centre who will be able to ascertain the severity of the call and contact the Manager if required. For non-urgent callouts a $65.00 callout fee may apply. This includes but is not limited to loss or forgetting of cabin keys.

Restricted Areas
Please observe our signage for Restricted Areas. Never attempt to access back of house or the maintenance area to help yourself to more firewood or any other reason. These areas are also monitored and recorded via CCTV

If you have forgotten your toiletries, we can provide you with kits from reception. Consists of razor, shaving cream, toothpaste and brush, and comb. Other emergency items available on request.

There are a number of local places of worship located in Marysville, Healesville and Alexandra, Please refer to the local paper or see reception for further information. 

Local Produce Breakfast Hamper for two $75.00
Features local produce with fresh oranges (with press), Woodlands™ signature sourdough bread, free range eggs, Woodlands™ signature jams, marmalades and honey and organic leaf tea and coffee beans (grinder & plunger provided).

Cooked Breakfast Indulgence for two $95.00
Cook yourself in your fully equipped kitchen or on your private under cover BBQ fresh oranges (with press), locally sourced bacon & sausages from the Healesville Quality Butchers, free range eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms. Woodlands™ signature sourdough bread, Woodlands™ signature jams, marmalades and honey and organic leaf tea and coffee beans (grinder & plunger provided).

Picnic Hamper for Two $170.00
Consists of a selection of gourmet local & Victorian delicacies including smoked trout & meats, char grilled marinated & pickled vegetables, prepared salads, farmhouse cheeses and deserts. Packed in a wicker basket.

Lazy Lunch or Supper Platter for Two $170.00
A selection of gourmet local & Victorian delicacies including smoked trout & meats, char grilled, marinated & pickled vegetables, prepared salads, farmhouse cheeses and desserts. Or select two courses from the dinner menu.

Gourmet Barbeque Pack for Two $170.00
Selection of prime locally aged Victorian meats, chicken & fish accompanied by choice salads, farmhouse cheeses, a selection of desserts, crusty bread, chutneys & mustards. For you to cook on your private under cover gas barbeque.

*While we take all reasonable care and endeavour to accommodate requests for altered or special meals for customers who have food allergies or intolerances, we cannot guarantee completely allergy-free meals. This is due to the potential of trace allergens in the working environment and supplied ingredients.


Narbethong – Black Spur Inn (partner)

436 Maroondah Highway, Narbethong 03 5963 7121 

*Woodlands guests get a complementary transfer to and from your cottage.

 Providing a relaxing setting amidst a very natural environment where great flavours and wines can be shared and enjoyed with your loved ones, friends and family. Located just under a kilometer from Woodlands at the top of the Yarra Valley and on the edge of the Upper Goulburn regions where a team of highly skilled chefs led by our Head Chef Trevarr Beazley, are able to create a seasonally inspired menu with particular attention to fresh regional produce influenced by a diversity of cultures and flavours. Great food and hospitality.

Healesville – Healesville Hotel (partner)

256 Maroondah Highway, Healesville 03 5962 4002

Old world charm with new world style, this classic country resort is at the heart of the Yarra Valley with it’s outstanding food and wine. If only every Victorian town had an eponymous boozer-diner as impressive as Healesville’s local. The elegantly time-worn dining cabin, with its soaring pressed-tin ceiling and scuffed floorboards, is the perfect setting for reclining in a comfy wicker chair and contemplating the good life with the help of a local wine. From Friday night through Sunday lunch this cabin becomes the pub’s fine diner (good food).

Yarra Valley – Levantine Hill Estate (partner)

882 Maroondah Hwy, Coldstream 03 5962 1333

*Woodlands guests get a complementary glass of bubbles upon presenting your reservation.

Start your journey at Levantine Hill with a bespoke food and wine flight, impeccably matched to house made snacks. Our wine flights also unlock the opportunity to try some of the rarest and most expensive wines in the world, as part of a ‘benchmark’ wine tasting experience.

Continue into the full lunch menu and choose your desired number of courses. Then choose your dishes from our mediterranean-inspired menu, which combines time-honoured traditions of the Jreissati family’s ancestors with a contemporary celebration of local terroir.

Marysville Medical Clinic 31 Falls Rd, Marysville (03) 5963 3637

Healesville Medical Centre 34 Symons Street, Healesville (03) 5962 4379

Yarra Valley Community Medical Service 377 Maroondah Hwy, Healesville 1300 793 622

Eastern Ranges after Hours Medical Service 333 Maroondah Highway, Healesville 1300 766 858 


Fire, Ambulance or Police – Dial “000”

If you feel you need to contact Woodlands;
Reception 03 5963 7150
Mobile 0419 289 520

Emergency Evacuation procedures
The onsite Managers will text or call you and sound the alarm if evacuation from your cabin is required. In this instance, please make your way to the primary assembly area at Reception where you will be instructed on the emergency. In some cases the manager may instruct you to leave Woodlands for a safer place.

For your safety, make sure you know where the location of fire extinguisher which is located in the each cottage.

For small fires please, only if safe to do so, attempt to extinguish with fire extinguisher and notify the onsite manager immediately.

An emergency First Aid kit is located under the vanity unit in the bathroom. For your safety, when you are walking around the property please wear sturdy footwear. Always be aware of your surroundings for snakes, insects and leeches.

In Case Of a Bushfire Emergency the Designated Assembly Area is at Reception;
Park your vehicles off the road on the grass facing the exit.
Assemble at the Muster Point.
Remain at assembly so you can be accounted for.
The Manager will announce if property evacuation is required.

Familiarise yourself with the CFA website and Fire Emergency and Evacuation information within this guest Resident Directory.

Download the Vic Emergency App

Due to the current ongoing concern with COVID-19, The Fitness Centre will be closed until further notice.

Our gymnasium is located at the main Sensess office close to the heliport. Due to the size, the gym is suitable for two persons at any given time. Please use your cottage key to access and ensure you take your key with you upon exiting as the door will self-lock behind you.

The fitness equipment in this area is to be used for the purpose it is intended and must be operated according to the instructions; for safety reasons covered Footwear must be worn at all times. Use your cottage key to open the door.

Please ensure you change into your gym shoes/trainers upon entering the facility so as not to damage the carpet or equipment with dust, mud and grit. 

For your safety it is required that you observe the following conditions of use:

This facility is unsupervised – train with spotter when possible.

Individuals using this gym do so at their own risk.

The gym is for Woodlands residents ONLY.

Equipment and weights must be returned to their stored positions after use.

NO TOWEL NO TRAIN – wipe down and sanitize machines after use. Towels are available at the gym.

Don’t drop weights or make unnecessary noise.

Return free weights to their designated racks.

Report any unsafe conditions immediately.

Always conduct a thorough warm up prior to training.

Be considerate – allow others to jump in.

Max 30min on treadmill, rower / incline bike and cross trainer.

Keep hydrated with water. No soft drinks or food is permitted in the gym area.

If you have a pre existing injury or have health factors that could cause you harm, seek medical advice before training.

Monitor your heart rate, know your age limit and stop immediately if you feel dizzy, nauseous or overheated.

Appropriate training shoes, shirt and shorts/pants must be worn when within and using this facility.

Enjoy and be safe.


Persons ignoring the above may be refused future use of gym.

Sensess Resorts will not be held responsible for any accidents caused through misuse of equipment. This area is also monitored and recorded via CCTV.

Terms & Conditions

Please see

Woodlands is located just off the Bicentenial Trail. Just a short walk from our front gate and around to the rear of Woodlands. Be careful not to get lost. The National Trail is Australia’s premier long distance, multi-use recreational trekking route, stretching an extraordinary 5,330 kilometres from Cooktown in tropical far north Queensland to Healesville in Victoria.

 Visit spectacular fern walks and waterfalls in the Yarra Ranges National Park. There’s nothing better for your wellbeing than getting out into nature. There’s plenty to discover and enjoy in the Yarra Ranges ­ not too far away, yet another world away.

Whether you enjoy a gentle bushwalk, picnicking, relaxing with family and friends, sweeping vistas, fishing or taking a challenging day hike, Yarra Ranges National Park has something for you.

Visit some of these great places:

Lady Talbot Drive near Marysville – Take an invigorating walk to Phantom or Keppel falls or enjoy the ancient myrtle beech rainforest on the Beeches Rainforest Walk.

Cambarville Historic Precinct and surrounds – Discover the history of the old timber settlement and see architectural feats from yesteryear including the Big Culvert. Walk to Cora Lynn and Cumberland falls.

The Black Spur, Badger Weir and Fernshaw – Enjoy the spectacular world­ renowned drive through the canopied forest along the Black Spur with a rest stop at Fernshaw or a picnic and gentle walk at Badger Weir near Healesville.

Mount Donna Buang – Take in sweeping views to the Melbourne skyline from the summit and visit the Rainforest Gallery with its impressive observation platform and rainforest walkway on the southern slopes.

O’Shannassy Aqueduct – Walk or cycle part or all of this stunning 30km trail near Warbuton. Passing through pristine forest, mature fern gullies, creeks and plantations, the track offers spectacular views of the valley below.

For more great ideas on where to go and what to see as far as walks and waterfalls you can visit the local Marysville Visitor Information Centre or call Parks Victoria on 13 1963 or visit

Some relaxing time

Massage – Couples relaxation massage (one hour each) – $330 per couple (Massage Package inclusive) includes a one-hour massage provided simultaneously by two fully qualified therapists in the privacy of your cottage (pre stay reservations required to ensure availability).


For a little more adventure

Fly-Wine-&-Dine – Due to the current ongoing concern with COVID-19, all flights are suspended until further notice.

Pricing is based on your bespoke experience and season

  • Transfer from and return Melbourne Airport
  • Transfer from and return Melbourne CBD
  • Wine & Dine Indulgence @ Levantine Hill Estate and Ezard’s signature restaurant
  • Private Fly Wine & Dine Indulgence @ Little River Winery
  • Bespoke wine tour to multiple wineries

Go Wild Ballooning

Experience the Yarra Valley in a unique way with all that Go Wild Ballooning has to offer:

Daily sunrise hot air balloon flights over Melbourne’s beautiful Yarra Valley

Inquire at;

  • 621 Maroondah Hwy Coldstream 03 9739 0772

Yarra Valley Wine Tours

Small, friendly, unique and flexible tours of the Yarra Valley Wine Regions and surrounds.

The tours are designed to accommodate guests who wish to have an individual and luxurious touring experience. Unlike many other tours, transport is in a luxury Statesman sedan – and not in a bus or people mover.

Please contact us at for transfer and tour quotes and arrangements.